Why I play music with my wife


Story video posted on YouTube.

Marie joined Imari Tones in 2018 but she actually was the original Imari Tones.
She was the reason Imari Tones’ music was born in the first place.
Our music was very personal since the beginning, but now we are playing our personal love for Jesus Christ.
Love – Music – Faith, it’s all connected.

It’s funny Marie is now in the band and we play music as husband and wife. But at the same time we can’t help but feel this is the way it is supposed to be.



Here is what we are talking in the movie.


Why I play music with my wife

T: So you joined this band back in 2018, 3 years ago.

M: Yes.

T: But you were always there, supporting the band, right?

M: Yes. Because this is my band. I was not a music player, but this band has been mine since the beginning. What’s the name of this band?

T: It’s called Imari Tones.

M: And my name is Imari. So it’s mine, apparently.

T: It’s funny while our band is called with your real name, you are called by your nickname, which is Marie

M: That’s fine. I’m comfortable this way.

T: Do you remember when we met?

M: Yes. Of course.

T: We were still in high school.

M: Yes the same high school. You were 2 years older than me.

T: And for some reasons, we started dating. Do you remember the first date?

M: Yes. That was sometime in November.

T: I think that’s basically the moment Imari Tones was born. That day, just after coming back home, I wrote a song. That song with Piano. It’s called “I”. I stands for Imari. Do you know the song?

M: Sure.

T: Did you know that song was written for you?

M: Yes. You told me.

T: Okay, let’s hear the song for a second.


M: So that’s the first song for Imari Tones?

T: You can say that. But I wrote so many songs all through my teenage years.

M: Did you want to be a musician?

T: No. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a lawyer. But I met you in the last year of my high school days, and it wrecked my whole life plan.

M: Sorry for wrecking your whole life.

T: You don’t have to be sorry. It was a divine intervention. That was the first time in my life I felt God’s hand touching me.

M: So you named our band Imari Tones, because you love me?

T: Yes. I was in love and I still am. I was 18 and you were 16 and we were in high school, but I did that “marriage proposal” thing already. And you said “Yes”. Am I right?

M: Yes. But we had to wait for 10 years to actually get married. Because we had so many things to do.

T: Like making music.

M: So all the songs are written for me?

T: Not necessarily every song. But you can say that. Especially our early songs.

M: Very personal music.

T: That’s right. Imari Tones was singing about personal love since the beginning.

M: Are we still singing about love?

T: Yes. It’s still personal. But a little bit bigger. Our music at the beginning was about our personal love, between you and me. But now our music is about God’s love. and our personal love for Jesus Christ.

M: Nice.

T: I know. It’s funny. But I think it makes sense. Same music basically, just a little bit bigger.

M: So did everything happen because of me?

T: I think so. That’s why I say this is your band since the beginning. But I never thought you could actually play music.

M: Neither did I.

T: Do you remember the first time I bought a bass for you?

M: Yes. It was a pretty YAHAMA bass.

T: But you didn’t actually start playing until much later.

M: No. Because I was more of a listener than a player.

T: But we did a Stryper cover band with our friends. That’s the first time you actually started playing?

M: I think so.

T: And we had this side project called “Atsuki Ryo with Jesus Mode”. People loved it when you played the bass.

M: I was just playing really simple bass. But people seemed to like it.


T: Back in 2018, our long time lineup was broken up. Drummer Jake, and Bassist Hassy, they quit the band. It was an amicable departure. But it was our friends suggested you could join the band.

M: I didn’t think I could play in Imari Tones.

T: I didn’t think either. Because Imari Tones’ songs are much more difficult. But we gave it a try and it sounded good. I was surprised.

M: I was surprised, too.

T: It’s funny now you are in the band, because I was making music for you.

M: But I am more qualified than anyone else. Because this band is called Imari Tones.

T: This is YOUR band.

M: It took me so long to join.

T: It’s good because we have the same vision.

M: And we have the same faith.

T: Can we call ourselves a Christian band now?

M: I think so.

T: This is a very personal issue but we don’t have kids. But in the beginning, I wanted to have kids. Because I wanted a decent normal life with a decent regular job. But you didn’t agree.

M: That’s right. That was me who said we didn’t need kids. I’m not going to say why, because it’s very personal.

T: But our music is just like our kids. And we made so much music.

M: I hope more and more people will like our music.

T: I do hope so. I can’t wait for the release of our new album “Nabeshima”. Because it’s our best ever.

M: Thank you very much for your support.

T: Thank you and God bless you.



  1. Que incrível! Faz algum tempo que gosto muito de Imari Tones, mas não tinha visto que vocês tinham um site em muito menos que tinha histórias e posts tão legais nele. Acabei de descobrir e estou amando. 🤎

  2. Jon Lockett

    I noticed Jessica had commented here and re-read your opener.Yes it may seem funny or unusual to both be playing in the band as a married couple.But it’s how God works it sometimes and can bring partners closer together.My dear friends Matt and Megan Aylett are in the same boat.Matt keyboards,Megan bass,in Lost Noise and their own personal Syntheosis back in Britain.They both want to form SINE (Sanctuary In North East) a branch of Sanc.International.So if it gets going there’s another organisation connected to the Metal Church missions.Oh and silly me…yesterday when I commented on your Metal Church goal I totally forgot we have one here in Switzerland simply called Metalchurch (again not to confuse with the band) run by Pastor Sam Hug (with several other staff).

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you for everything. Maybe someday we will reach out and work with the metal church in Switzerland. If God willing. The pastor from the event last month (Pastor Ogino) is interested in publishing “Metal Bible” in Japan. Maybe we will get to work with Sanctuary International also, if God willing?

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