Pre-order Nabeshima album!


Nabeshima album pre-order is on!!
Just want to let you know the pre-order for our new album “Nabeshima” is now available. Release date is July 6th. It will be shipped within 24 hours after the release.


It’s a double album (2CDs). It’s the Ultimate Japanese Christian Metal, very unique Christian metal music with Japanese traditional flavor. We are certain that this is the best music we have produced to date.

€18.99 including international shipping. (Actually a nice deal) It’s a double album with 2CDs 24 songs.

Nowadays people listen to music via online streaming but we can say this is the album worth having in a physical form.


We are confident this is the best music we have produced to date. Japanese traditional Christian metal. Yet it has diverse songs not only rocker but also ballads and pop tunes.

But so far our people and close friends say it’s very progressive.
Zep-inspired hard rock? Yes. Math rock style time signature? Yes. Intense power metal song? Yes. And some stuff you can’t even describe. Japanese spiritual progressive, maybe?


Pre-order here!!



(Sorry for the slow update of the website, while we posted this on our social media last month already.)

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