Jumping At Shadows blues cover


Jumping At Shadows (Peter Green Fleetwood Mac cover) with Japanese guitar


Last year 2020 I lost 2 of my biggest guitar heroes. One is Eddie Van Halen and the other is Peter Green.
I don’t have to explain how great guitarist Peter Green was. He is the one who started Fleetwood Mac.
Just wanted to pay tribute to him.


I always felt I had to cover this song and other Peter Green songs.
Then last year I heard the news that he passed away.

It took me a long time but here finally I did this song.


This song “Jumping At Shadows” written by Duster Bennett. Early Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green played this song live.

I made this cover according to the “Boston” version.
Maybe my voice is not really for blues but I hope you enjoy the song.



Guitar Talk:
I’ve been using this made in Japan Les Paul, called “Duke Standard” made by Bacchus guitars, since early 2015.
With this guitar so far I recorded 4 songs on “Jesus Wind” album, 5 songs on “Overture” album, and 13 songs on our upcoming “Nabeshima” album.

But they were mostly heavily distorted sound. Probably I didn’t really do justice to the sound of this very special guitar.

I think I did some justice to this guitar, with this blues cover song. (Even though it’s still distorted to some extent.)

Sorry for the room light noise I had no choice because this was basically a video for YouTube and other social media.


Gear Memo:
Bacchus Duke Standard (Intro and Middle solo) (Pickups are out of phase just like Peter Green) This made in Japan Les Paul is great.
Bacchus Grace-FT/FM (Rhythm and verse part lead, using bx_bassdude plugin)
Over Drive Pedal: VFE Pale Horse
Amp: Jet City Custom22 (a.k.a. Little Imaria)
Some cheap load box and cabinet IRs


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