Sneak peek?

Hint, hint. Somewhere in West Tokyo, this is happening.
Is this a new start?
I’m still asking. But God knows, I think.
Thank you for your prayer.


  1. David S

    This looks interesting. I am trying hard not to read too much into this photo. I look forward to seeing what happens and trust that great things will happen in the future. Still praying for you brother. Continuing interest and support. Looking forward to Overture and what is to follow.

    • Tone

      Hi David, thanks for the comment. It was 2nd rehearsal with this “new lineup” preparing behind the curtain. Girl bassist and older drummer, this may look a bit strange to some people. But this drummer used to play in some notable Japanese metal bands back in 1980’s (I don’t name those names yet). The bassist, if you know our side project “Jesus Mode” or even our history you may know who she is. I believe this will be the best version of Imari Tones, if things work out. Thank you very much for your prayer.

  2. David S

    Hi Tak, whilst this is a sneak photo, you have at least partly confirmed my suspicion. I was wondering about a bit of “Jesus Mode” being there. I trust that all works out for you, indeed, for you all. I am watching this space and looking forward to seeing, and hearing, what happens.

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