Merry Christmas & Recording Done


Merry Christmas from Imari Tones Japan!!!

We are rocking for Jesus here in Japan.
Tak, Marie, and Shinryu.
We are tighter than ever, rocking together to spread God’s Love.


We wish and pray that you all have a very Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Blessing to all of you!


And here is something to report.

We finished all the recording for the new album on December 22nd.

The last thing we recorded was a cowbell.
Because 80’s rock! More cowbell!๐Ÿ˜† (It was fun.)


Looking back, it was a long way.
We didn’t think it was possible because we had this “fire incident” at the apartment we (Tak&Marie) were living in, back in June.

However we had so much support from you.
And we were somehow led to this church. We became a part of this church, and we started “Heavy Metal Church” project.
Luckily, we were allowed to record our album here.


It’s a miracle.
It’s all thanks to your support.
It’s all because of God’s guidance.

Thank you very much.


June to August we recorded drum tracks. (Mostly Shinryu)

September we recorded bass tracks. (Mostly Marie)

In October we recorded electric guitars. (Mostly Tak)

In November we recorded lead vocals. (Mostly Tak)

December, we recorded background vocals, acoustic guitar, and cowbell!

We are glad we did all the recordings before Christmas day!


Please have high expectations for our new album “Coming Back Alive”!
(Well, we literally came back alive from the fire.)

Because it’s a fun album.
It’s our victory album. Strong Christian message but it’s so much fun!
This is an album that makes everyone happy!



Now, we still have some work before the completion, because there’s still a mixing and mastering stage.
But that doesn’t take much time.


So when will we release the new album?
How, and in which format are we going to release it? (Record company? Self release? Streaming? CD? Vinyl?)

We don’t know that yet.
But we want to discuss it with everyone. (with our fans!)

We will let you know.


Again thank you very much.
We feel very very blessed. Extremely blessed to be here.

We want to rock harder next year.
We are going to change the world! (Really? Really!๐Ÿ˜‰)

We believe the time is now!


God bless you all!!!

(Tak / Imari Tones / Japan)


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  1. Jon Lockett

    So glad 2023 was such a God-blessed year for you.And well done for recording the whole of the new album by now.Yes,it was all possible by God’s grace and the motivation He gave you.And the kindness of the pastor to let you use Asao church as a home and recording base.I hope you release CBA on CD (as with the other albums).Preferably normal jewel case issue.I look forward to catching up on my Imari Tones CD collecting in future.Happy New Year.Jon of Aqaba Gulf.

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