Thank You 2023


We had a very blessed and exciting Christmas show on December 25th, at Black Cat Tiger Eikichi Rock’n’roll House. (That’s the name of the venue. We simply call it “Eikichi”, because it was named after the famous Japanese rock star😉)

As you can see, it was really a colorful event. We rocked very hard and people went crazy. (Did you see the short movie we posted earlier?)


Our performance was top-notch. Maybe the best performance of 2023. We are glad at how much we progressed as a band this year.

(We definitely will post movies from our last 3 shows, because they were all good and important!)


Now this is the wrap-up for our band activities in 2023.

We now will take a rest, spend time with our family, and most importantly, we will clean up the church!!! (Thank you very much for allowing us to live there in the past several months and record the new album in the church building!)


Again, thank you very much!

Merry Christmas, blessed holiday season, and have a Happy New Year.

Very exciting new year 2024 is coming😉

(Imari Tones / Japan)


Setlist Dec 25th 2023 at Black Cat Tiger Eikichi
1.Faith Rider
2.Not Of This World
3.Crucified Boy (磔少年)
4.God Anthem
5.Lord’s Prayer
6.Winning Song
8.Karma Flower (encore)


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