World Touring Indie Band?


[Band Update – Tour?]

So here we are in 2024.

Our new album, called “Coming Back Alive”, is now in the mixing stage.
Probably we will be able to release it sometime this year.


Thank you for your support.
Last year we had a fire in the apartment building and we received very warm support from our fans.

Because of your support we were able to get back on track and record the new album.
Let us say thank you very much again because we are forever thankful for that.


We have some exciting concerts coming up in Japan in the next few months.

But this year, we are planning some oversea tour. Oversea tours?

We are an indie band. Our resources are limited.
But we are open to every possibility.


Personally, our priority is the United States South, such as Texas and Tennessee. Because we have some friends we want to visit there.

But we are open for other plans as well.
So let’s plan together.


We are an indie band. We are very very indie.

We need your help for touring.
And we are open to every kind of possibility.

We need your advice, we need your suggestions, we appreciate your ideas.


To be more specific,
Booking, lodging, maybe some transportation, those are the things we need your help with.

We are willing to play small venues, house parties, even some private shows.


In the past, we did some tours independently in the United States. We did all the booking work by ourselves. But that was a long time ago. The world has changed. Music industry has changed.
So it will be great if we can have someone to help us.


When will it happen?

It’s hard to say.
But Marie says, it’s going to be in June and July.

Because that’s when she will be available for touring.


Again, when we talk about touring, it’s frustrating because we want to visit so many places.

Asia. Europe. Latin America. Middle East.

We can’t visit all those places at the same time.
But we want to do it one by one. We are an indie band, but we want to be a world-touring indie band.
Some of you might think it’s impossible, but that’s what we want to do.


Now that we finished recording our new album, we are now more focused on touring.

I’m not gonna say this album will be our last, but I honestly think we have made enough music in my life.

So now, for us it’s like “Let’s get out there and play as many shows as possible” kind of stage in our life. If you understand what I mean.

So, hopefully we will be more active as a touring band in the next few years and more.


Thank you very much.
We will post and update our tour plan.
And we seriously ask for your opinion and suggestions about our touring in the future.


We believe in God’s guidance.
We will keep on rocking for Jesus.

See you soon!


Tak&Marie / Imari Tones
– (Background Song: “What The Devil Hates” One of the more straightforward songs from the new album)


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