Sakura Day Japanese Love Song Music Video

We made another music video from “Nabeshima” album.

It’s a seasonal thing.
Because it’s a Sakura song and the Spring time (Sakura season in Japan) will arrive soon.

So we made this music video quickly.

We had to do it, because it’s Sakura season, and because this song seems like everyone’s favorite.

We went South, to Izu, Shizuoka prefecture, to catch the early Sakura blossoms (Kawazu Sakura) and shoot this video.


[New Music Video]
Sakura Day – Japanese Beauty Cherry Blossoms Music Video

Videography: Shinichi Ohara ( (Except for personal cellphone footage)
Direction: Tak Nakamine



Among all the songs on the “Nabeshima” album, this one seems like a favorite song for many people. It’s a bit surprising for us, because this is a Japanese song sung in Japanese style, with “very Japanese” delicate feelings.

All the songs on “Nabeshima” are special and personal. They are the expression of faith (both in Jesus Christ and Rock’n’Roll) in their own unique ways.

But this love song is really really personal.
It’s natural for us to sing about personal love and emotions, if you think about the origin of our band. Because Imari Tones’ music was born when Tone and Marie met in their teenage days.

So yes, it’s a very personal love song.
At the same time, it’s a song about living with Faith in this beautiful country Japan.
Because living as a Christian in Japan is surely not easy.
It’s based on tragic history of Japanese Christians.

We put these emotions in the song, with the beauty of Sakura blossoms.
Sakura, cherry blossom, is a symbol of life and death. It’s also a symbol for this transient beauty. Because traditionally Japanese people think those flowers are beautiful because they will soon drop and die.
But they will revive when the spring comes.

There are so many tragic events in human history. We have so many tragic things going on in the world. But there is always hope. They say nothing lasts forever and it’s true. But even if it seems like lost, it will live on forever. Just like Sakura Blossoms come alive every Spiring, your love is always with you, in the grace of God.

Lyrics translation below.


“Sakura Day”
(original Japanese lyrics)





Sakura Day One precious day
Sakura Day Just another day

Sakura Day One precious day
Sakura Day Just another day


Sakura Day
English Translation

In this country
Since the ancient age
It was always under the blossoms
It has been that way all along

The day I met you
It was the destiny calling
The day I found the unknown future

The story you wrote
I can either accept or deny
The cuisine you choose
Now I’m cooking it in the pot

In this place
Since the ancient age
It was always the losers
It has been that way all along
You trade your own life for the creed
You can only find faith in exchange for your life

The menu book you wrote
I can either say yes or no
The songs you choose
The sound of the strings I play

Sakura day, one precious day
Please come back home
Sakura day, just another day
As if nothing has happened

As if this place was heaven
As if this was eternity
Even if everyone knows in their heart
that nothing can stay forever

Sakura day, one precious day
Please let me hear your voice
Sakura day, just another day
As if things would be the same tomorrow

As if this place was heaven
As if this was the eternity
Everyone know it their heart
that nothing can last forever

Sakura blossoms
Sakura falls
And it blossoms again
Spring time will arrive again




  1. Jon Lockett

    I just saw this here on your site(My browser’s out of date so I can’t Access normal YouTube).Love the song,the choreography,the scenery.Looks like spring has really sprung in Japan.A beautiful location indeed.I already know the following song as an opening to another song
    Sakura,sakura/Yayoi no sora wa/Miwatasu kagiri
    So the cherry blossoms in Japan may be well known outside of it too.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you. It’s Sakura season in Japan and we had to make this video. We were blessed by weather and location as well as beautiful country side nature. Yes that’s very familiar “Sakura Sakura” song. Maybe it’s Bon Jovi song you are referring to? I think Tokyo Road opening part had this. It’s great you know about Japanese Sakura!(^^)

  2. Jon Lockett

    Yes Tone ,it was from the opening of Tokyo Road one of the (musically) best Bon Jovi songs ever.Due to the nature of some of that song’s lyrics I used to think the Japanese words were something sexual or seductive,but was pleasantly surprised to eventually find out it was like an innocent folk song.The voice of the girl sounds seductive but that seems to be just how Japanese girls’ voices sound sometimes when they sing.Even the singer of Fate Gear sounds the same when she sings more softly.I love that sound and vibe.

    • Tone

      Yes that song “Sakura Sakura” is one of the most famous Japanese traditional songs. It’s cool Bon Jovi used that song, even if only partly. But you know, heavy metal song lyrics from 1980’s…they are often very bad. Still that “7800F” is one of my favorite Bon Jovi albums. If talking about “Tokyo/Japan” songs by hard rock bands, I think Y&T’s “Midnight In Tokyo” is very cool. That song really sounds like a night time in Tokyo in 1980’s! (At least I feel that way)

  3. Jim Au

    I heard this on your CD about a week ago. Watching the music video made this a whole new experience for me. I honestly think this is one of your best music videos… so far! Keep up the good work. We’re counting on you!

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