Nabeshima on Bandcamp


We finally updated our Bandcamp page and our latest album “Nabeshima” is now available there.
Both digital downloads and physical CDs.

On Bandcamp you are buying directly from the band and that helps us so much.
We are shipping from Japan.


Of course you can always buy the CDs from Sliptrick Records.
They are shipping from Latvia and for some countries that is faster and cheaper.


However here on Bandcamp, you can get a CD autographed by us. Yes, autographed by Tak, Marie, and Shinryu.

Thing is, due to the world situation shipping is really restricted and limited right now.

For many countries, currently surface mail is the only available option, which takes 2 or 3 months to arrive, possibly more.

And for other many countries, shipping is simply not available at all.
So we recommend checking the shipping situation before purchase.

Here is a link to Japan Post Office. You can check the shipping situation to your country there.


Thank you for your understanding. We hope the shipping situation will be better soon.

But if you haven’t got the Nabeshima double album CDs and interested in owning a signed copy, this is your chance!


And one more thing:
We know some of you are wanting to buy merch from us, such as T-shirts and other stuff.

We are an indie band and sometimes we are very slow especially on the business side.
But we are planning to make at least some T-shirts and stickers this year.

So thank you very much for your patience!!

Rock on!!



  1. Jon Lockett

    I aim to buy the CD soon ,but hope it will be when I can first visit Japan and meet you guys.Then I buy it REALLY directly from you.If it’s still a few years away until I can come then I’d probably buy it in the normal way.Surface mail is fine.And usually cheaper.In January I bought 2 Fate Gear CDs and the cost of shipping from Japan was really too high.I tried to cancel but by then it was not an Option to the Company that dealt with the order.I wonder if the Covid has caused such shipping cost increases?But I can hardly wait to have Nabeshima in my Hands.An absolute must!

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you very much! It’s definitely due to the pandemic that shipping cost has increased. Right now mailing is pricey and slow. It’s not good for music fans who want actual CDs and not digital downloads. We are hoping traveling situation will be better this year and next year. Hoping to see you when the time is right 🙂

  2. Jon Lockett

    Yes,as I suspected.Unless I can get to your country this year I plan to buy only 3 more discs this year,2 of them Earthshaker “Passion” and “Overrun” (plus a movie on DVD).Starting this week I intend to visit my local travel agency every month or every 6 weeks to have updates on the travel to Japan situation.If possible (and if you’re available then) I’d be looking to visit anytime in Sept to Dec this year.Or as early as possible in ’23.

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