We played the song “Repent”


Here is a movie of our local live show on 12th February 2022.

Since Shinryu joined our band last year, we have posted many movies of our live performance, including live streaming concerts.

But this one is special in several ways.


All through winter of 2021-2022, Japan was affected by o-variant (pandemic situation) and was under a socially restricted condition.
So we could not expect much turn-out this day.

Instead of playing for no one, we decided to livestream the show.

It was one of the local shows we are always playing around Tokyo, but now our band is in a good condition and our performance was good.

We livestreamed the show on our Facebook page, but this is a better sound quality version. It’s still a cellphone recording but it sounds better than livestream.


One special thing is, we tried “Kirishitan” performance at this show.
That means, Tak spoke in an old Samurai way, just like Jidai-geki movies, during the show. And he wore that Kimono again.

So this is “Kirishitan Metal”, representing old Japanese Christian history from the 16-17th century.
Maybe we invented a new sub-genre of Christian metal?

Since last year, with “Nabeshima” album, we are playing our music in “Japanese Traditional” style. We said that was “Japanese Traditional Christian Metal”. But maybe we can call it “Kirishitan Metal”, instead?

I think we will continue to employ this style whenever possible.


Another special thing about this show was, we played the song called “Repent”.

It’s a song from our “Jesus Wind” album.
As the title suggests, it’s a very straightforward Christian metal song.

It’s one of our most powerful (and popular) songs, just like “Faith Rider”.
But we haven’t played that song since the departure of Hassy&Jake, our long time bassist&drummer in 2018.

According to the record, the last time we played that song was February 10th, 2018.
So it was exactly 4 years since Imari Tones played it last time.

Playing this song “Repent” means, something like, “Oh yeah we are officially back with full power!!”.
So it means a lot to us.

And with our current lineup (Tone, Marrie, Shinryu), it’s more powerful than before.

So I hope you enjoy it.


Here is the movie of “Repent”.


And this is the whole show.


The setlist:
1: Faith Rider
2: God Anthem
3: Lord’s Prayer
4: Dying Prophet
5: Crucified Boy
6: Repent


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