Bible Beetle Theme


“Bible Beetle Theme” from monthly song project


It happened like this.
Some Christian organization asked me to sing a Bible song, which was an old Japanese song. It was a song Japanese Christian people have been singing since, like 80 years or so, to memorize the books in the Bible.

It will be posted on their YouTube soon, but probably they are gonna use only 20 seconds of my performance.


However, while I was singing the song, I wondered “Why can’t we do this in English?”.
So I wrote this song, singing the names of the books in the Bible.

I wrote it in an old British rock style (sort of), or more like 1990’s Britpop style. (Because I was a 90’s kid)


I made this as a Monthly Song for our Patreon page. But when it’s finished, it was too good not to share.
So I gave our Patrons another “extra” song for June 2021 and decided to share this song with the world.

So yes, please allow me to post this song “Bible Beetle Theme”.


Yes I’m a Japanese, probably my English is a bit unnatural. But it’s still fun!

Maybe I will get a job at some Kids’ TV somewhere??
(This is why I always say “I’m not a heavy metal singer”)


I can’t believe we have been on Patreon for 1 year!!
Now we have 12 songs there! (actually more)

Please join our Patreon and support us!!


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