CD shipping delayed

It’s been 2 months since the release of “Nabeshima” album.

We have been busy and could not update our website, even though we have been very active on our social media pages.

Some of our local gigs were cancelled because of the social situation (due to the pandemic), but we were doing things actively such as making movies, doing interviews, streaming live shows.


One thing we have to tell you.

Nabeshima CD shipping is delayed.


The CDs were supposed to be shipped already, on the release day which was July 6th 2021.
However we are aware that most of our fans have not received the CDs yet.

As an artist, we are supposed to receive certain amount of the CD from the record company. But we haven’t receive our copies yet.


Of course it’s possible that things are being delayed in many aspect due to the COVID-19 restriction. However this is too slow.

We know this is a problem.
This is certainly a problem, because we (our fans) have not received the CDs after 2 months since the release date.


We have received some emails and messages, asking what was going on.

CD manufacturing, selling and shipping, these things are handled by Sliptrick Records, based in Latvia.
This not exactly our mistake.

But we have to say this.
We are very sorry for the situation.


We have asked the record company, Sliptrick Records, since last month (August). Because we too wanted to know what was going on.

Their answer was “there was a holdup on the manufacture’s side but they should be on their way already or anytime soon”.

That was in the mid-August. August 17th to be exact.

So they should have arrived by now or anytime soon…


One thing we noticed is, another band who released their album from Sliptrick in the same season, told us that they had not received their CDs yet.

So probably it’s true there was some issue on the manufacture’s side and their shipping was delayed for some other albums too.



We decided to sign to Sliptrick Records because we thought they were a decent record label who was doing their business right.
They have years of business history and they have been working with some successful bands.

We talked with the CEO of the company and he arranged things and helped us getting on TV in Latvia. (As we posted on our social media recently.)

So personally we don’t have a bad feeling about them.
We trust them as a business partner.


They reply and answer our fans inquiring about the CD shipping.
It’s true that shipping was delayed and they will accept cancel and refund.

However honestly we want some kind of explanation and clarification. At least from Japanese business standard.


Music business is full of uncertain things.
The world of music business is different from other business.
It’s sad but it’s true.

This time we chose to release our album from a record company based in Europe.
Was it a right choice?
We will only know it, years later.


We will wait a bit more, and probably we will have to do something, like really serious.

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