Live Movie Summer 2021


This year 2021 we have released our very important new album.
But the situation in the world has been difficult due to the pandemic and we can’t really do live shows, even though we are trying.


We did a live streaming on Facebook/Instagram on the album release day (July 6th). That was actually the first time for to play “in public” for our current lineup. (Even though it was online show)

However some of the local shows we had booked were cancelled due to the social situation. Also it’s difficult to tour overseas right now.

So we decided to make a high quality “Live Movie”.


It was made in DIY style. But we recorded music with multiple microphones, filmed our performance using multiple cameras. We also included interviews for band members.

We did it at El Puente in Yokohama, one of our favorite local venues.


Actually it was under “emergency state” restriction. So the venue had to close early and we had to do it very quick. Time was really limited.

Because of this, some of the performance was not perfect. We wanted to play some songs one more time but there was no time.

However, most of the songs went well. As a band, we are tighter than ever. So we are confident you will enjoy our performance.


Here is the full movie.


Some of the songs we posted one by one.


“Dying Prophet”

It’s a song from “Jesus Wind” album.
We have been playing this song since [Tone, Hassy&Jake] days.
It’s not an easy song to play. But it’s impressive to see Marie play this song almost perfectly on bass.



It’s a song on “Revive The World” album.
We have been playing this song for a long time now it’s more powerful than ever.


“God Anthem”

This is song with a very strong message. The song based on Japanese National Anthem.
We posted a “Duo verson” on YouTube last year. We are happy to post band live version finally.


We should say one of the high points of this movie is Shinryu’s powerful drumming.

Powerful and technical. He is really a heavy metal drummer.

As you can see and hear, Imari Tones as a live band is very powerful and better than ever.

We can’t wait to rock the world.


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