Trying Streaming Shows


Just like the previous post, we made a live movie. Filmed in July and posted in August.

However soon after that, we did a streaming live show from the same local venue called El Puente, Yokohama.

It was on 27th August.


Originally it was a regular local show with our own twist.
However the “emergency state” restriction was still there and we could not plan a regular show.
So we decided to make it an online show.


It was a live streaming.
So it was harder sound wise than the recorded show previously posted.


We are doing things in DIY way with limited equipment.

Funny thing is, usually we have no problem recording our band practice with an Android phone. But somehow the sound distorts when we stream on Instagram, probably because the app processes sound differently.

We used a proper USB microphone for Facebook streaming. But there was a sound/movie synchronization issue.


However, our fans both from Japan and from overseas were watching the show, in spite of the time difference. So it was great and we had fun.

So maybe we will try this kind of streaming shows again in a near future.

Here is the archive on Facebook.



One of the coolest moment was the opening gimmick.

Because our new drummer Shinryu is a martial artist, he did a Japanese sword performance before the opening song.

Because the room was small, he said he could not do large moves with his sword. But it was very cool.


Other than that, Tone did a little “Bible message” and Marie talked about her favorite cat (called Sounyan).
(We did it in Japanese language. Because it’s a Japanese local show.)

We are a Christian band. So it’s good to do this kind of “Bible message” things once in a while.


They say “new standard” and we have to adjust.
So it’s good to try our new style and our own style for live music shows.


We are booking our local shows one by one.
We have played our first “actual” live show on September 5th in Tokyo.

For Japan show dates and details, we post information on social media.
But please remember some of the shows might be postponed or cancelled due to the current social situation.


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