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Again, this is something we posted on our socials.
It’s not really exciting to say things like this, something social, something political.
But sometimes you have to standup and show people what you think, who you are, what you believe in.


It’s really unfortunate I have to post this. But how could I remain silent?

Also it’s a sad thing next time we plan to tour abroad we have to ask ourselves “Is it safe to tour in this country?”


As a Christian, if someone shots me or tries to kill me, I want to give him/her a hug tell him/her “It’s okay. You’re forgiven” (Probably difficult when injured.)

But I can’t let that happen to any of our friends. Asian friends, Japanese Christians, other Japanese bands. Anyone.

Honestly, how many great indie bands out there, who is from Asian background?
Do you know how many legendary musicians in rock history, who is from Asian background? (including the greatest Eddie Van Halen!)


We love all people. We have friends all over the world.
We have worked with people from USA, Europe, Asia, West Africa, and South America. They are all great. In music world, we are one. We always are.

We love Christian people. We have friends from both liberal and conservative sides. We have only good memories and experiences when we toured in USA. (That was already years ago, before “political division” things happen.)

Also we are willing to tour in our neighbor Asian countries whenever possible. Because they are our friends. We have huge respects for those Asian countries, history, culture, and people.
(many of those countries have very good Christian ministries)


Is there racism in Japan? Yes. Sadly there is. But I don’t like it and I won’t let that happen within our band and our friends.
I believe in love and I believe we can understand each other.

We are Japanese. We are a Japanese band. And we are proud.
We believe we can believe in Jesus without losing our identity as Japanese. (Actually you can find your true identity in God)

The world is diverse. Music is diverse. Art is diverse. That is why this world is awesome.


We might not be like your typical Christian band.
We are a Japanese Christian Metal band. We look different. But we won’t stop doing it.

We will do what we do. That is, to play Christian music, in Heavy Metal style, with Japanese flavor. We will play it to the world. We won’t back down. We won’t be afraid.


Last year, when all musicians posted black pictures, the best thing I could do was to post a black picture with a cross.
Not only because I wanted to support black community but also I wanted a hope in God.

But this time, let me pray.
Let me pray for our Asian friends.
Just like David prayed for God’s help.

Let me pray with Psalms 69:4~14.

“Those who hate me without a cause are more than the hairs of my head”
“Though I have stolen nothing, I still must restore it”
“Let not those who seek You be confounded because of me, O God of Israel”
“Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink; Let me be delivered from those who hate me, and out of the deep waters”


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Later day addition

As always, I was a bit hesitant about saying things on (somewhat) political issues.
But there was a good amount of good reaction from people on social media.

One of our good friends gave me a comment. And I wrote some sincere reply. I think it’s worth posting what I wrote there.
Because it’s about my faith on God and Rock’n’Roll music.

Thank you very much for saying those things. And you said that better than I did.
Those things you said, I totally agree. I feel the same way about many things, not only music but also about other things in life.

Rock’n’Roll history is not perfect.
Just like many people, I didn’t know about Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Godmother of Rock’n’Roll, until 2018 Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame induction. It was a revelation and an eye opener for me.
The first and greatest rock musician was a black woman who played Gospel music really loud, like no one before, in late 1930’s. And most of us hadn’t even heard of her.

But rock music has its roots in Blues music.
Blues music by so many unknown black musicians.
But those blues music made people go crazy and rock’n’roll was born.
(I guess also have to mention irish music influence by irish immigrants)

Jimi Hendrix was Black and Native American. I heard he was proud with his “Asian” (Native American) legacy, dressed in Kimono style cloths on stage.

Same thing probably can be said for Bob Marley and Reggae music. and I believe he played music to unite people, not to divide.

At the same time I have a huge respect for white musicians, not to mention great British Rock legends.

Also it’s a funny fact that so many legendary guitarists I fell in love are/were from Jewish background. (Such as Peter Green and Leslie West)

and Japanese music. Well, it’s so deep I don’t have to talk about it here. Probably you know so much about it.
I feel very lucky to be able to learn from all those music and musicians. (Japan and the World)

Sadly, music business and pop music is all about politics. It’s all about media and system. Just like you said.
But I still believe MUSIC is above politics. Music has power to unite us one.
And I think you know that very well;)

I still believe in God. I still believe in Rock’n’Roll.
I believe we can understand each other in God. I do believe Jesus is bigger than politics.

and again, thank you very much for being brave. Thank you very much for seeking justice.
I totally believe the world is getting better, with young people like you.

Maybe I’m too optimistic but that’s what rock’n’roll is all about;)



  1. We are entering a time of great division, when abundance becomes scarcity and people turn on each other instead of turning to God. Many are trying to resolve issues through carnal means, instead of first addressing their eternal fate through the blood of Jesus Christ. When empowered by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, then we can be light in a dark world. Thank you for your music, your witness, and your glorification of God through the talents and resources He’s granted you in this life. Keep on rocking!

    God bless and guide you through the difficult choices you have ahead. ^_^

    • Tone

      Hi chronoblip. Thank you very much for your encouraging words and I appreciate your comment about the spiritual truth! Yes we keep on rocking! God bless you~!! (^^)

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