10 years since…

This is something we posted on March 11th (on our Instagram/Facebook).
I think it’s worth posting here, too.



Imari Tones(@imaritones)がシェアした投稿


10 years ago, March 11th 2011, something happened in Japan.
Many people were killed. Many towns destroyed.
It changed our nation. It changed our lives forever.

We were making “Japan Metal Jesus” album back then. And preparing for our 3rd USA touring. (which was a small indie tour but nonetheless awesome. Forever grateful for all the people we met.)

It changed our music and it changed the way we play music.
If that incident had not happened, we would have been playing our music very differently.
I don’t know if it’s good or bad. Maybe we would have been happier. Maybe we could have bigger success. But we had this love for our nation Japan. We could not forget that. We could not just walk away as if nothing had happened.

I can’t believe it’s already 10 years.
I can remember as if it was just yesterday.
It’s still affecting our nation, and the world. I don’t think the Fukushima incident is over. No one does.

It’s like human sin. Human sin still flowing and contaminating the world. We were hurt and still hurting.
That’s why we need a savior. That’s why we need Jesus.
And that’s why we want more Japanese people to know Jesus.

Because he is the healer and the savior.
He is the only one who can let us overcome this difficulty.

Had to write this because it’s been 10 years today.


– photo footnote, just random photos from 2011. Because I didn’t want to use the photos of Tsunami or destroyed towns.

Photos from when I recorded guitar tracks for “Japan Metal Jesus” album. Probably recording “Living Water” and/or “Jesus Train”. I remember it was in March 2011 and aftershocks were trembling like every day every hour. But I was still recording in the studio.

Photo from Me and Marie in 2011. That year she started playing really simple bass in our side project “Jesus Mode”. Little did I know she would join Imari Tones years later (in 2018). (Could post band photos from 2011, with Hassy&Jake. Maybe some other time.)

Photo of the “God is Love”(神は愛なり) leather vest. So it was in 2011 I started wearing this outfit. It’s still there in the closet, a little torn up and I got a new one but it’s still there. Can’t wait to wear it again.


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