CBA Recording Update


Here’s the update for the new album in the making.


Back in June, we had a fire incident in the apartment building Tak&Marie were living in.
So many people helped us. We were very amazed, moved, and very thankful.

Upon asking for help, we promised one thing. We will make a new album, no matter what, in this year 2023.

So we feel we should give you an update about the album.


We are still in an early stage of the recording process.
But we are working hard and things are going well.

In August, we finished recording drum tracks for all the songs. (12 songs for the new album)
Arguably the drum recording is the hardest part of the whole process. So it’s a good thing we finished it with no problem.

After that, we’ve been working on other things (an extra song?) but we soon will start working on bass tracks. That probably will be done by the end of this month. And we will work on guitar tracks in October.

At this rate, we probably can finish the album by the end of 2023.


Back in August, we also made “pre-production demo”. I don’t know what you call it in English. But we call it “Kariuta Demo”(仮歌デモ), which means “temporary singing demo”.

We made that “pre-production demo” so that we can see all the song structures, song arrangements, song melodies and lyrics. It’s just that those tracks were recorded with easy methods such as computer plugin guitar amps. And all the vocal tracks are rough draft versions.

We sent this “pre-production demo” to 2 persons for different reasons. Those 2 persons are the first to hear the new songs other than our band members, even though they were demo versions.


Drum tracks were recorded at a local studio in Tokyo, because we can’t play drums at the church. However, the rest of the album will be recorded at the church. (The church Tak&Marie have been staying since the fire. We have found a new apartment but all our instruments and recording equipment are still at the church. So that’s where we are recording.)

We are excited because at the church, we can spend as much time as we like to make things sound good, using our own equipment.


I recorded some cellphone movies during the singing session for “Kariuta Demo”. Hopefully I can post some of them when I have time.


That’s the update for today.


Like I said before, the album title is going to be “Coming Back Alive”.

This album will be something very special.
Because of all the support we have received from you.
Because we literally came back alive from the fire.
It’s a very fun album and it has a very positive message.
We come back to our musical roots on this album. That is 1980’s hard rock. It will be like “If Van Halen had played Christian rock in 1986” (or 1984, maybe 1988)


It will be a pure joy. We can’t wait to finish the album.
We will enjoy the whole process and we hope you will enjoy it, too.

We will keep you posted😉



  1. Jon Lockett

    Sounds very promising and like it’s gonna be great Music ala Van Halen,Bon Jovi,Ransom,etc.I will be in the area in October.Maybe I can sit in at some of the recording sessions ?I look Forward to visiting at the church Services too.It will be exciting to experience for myself some of the album-making and see (and hear of course) first Hand how it develops.But if you prefer that no-one else is present at the sessions other than band members I’ll understand and respect it.See y’all soon.

    • Tone

      Hi Jon, thank you for the comment. It was great to see you in person. And you already heard some of the songs and riffs I was practicing! Now I’m working on vocal tracks. Hopefully we can record all the vocal tracks by the end of this year. Rock on!!

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