Christmas Show at Black Cat Tiger Dec 2023


[Imari Tones Christmas Local Show 2023 December 25th at Black Cat Tiger]

Here is the video of the live show we did on Christmas day last December.
Imari Tones Christmas show, December 25th 2023, at Black Cat Tiger Eikichi Rock’n’roll House, Kawasaki, Japan.

You can watch and experience the whole show.
We put translation (talk between songs) and subtitles for the song lyrics.


In the past few years, we played Christmas show on live streaming internet. In 2023 we didn’t do that but instead we played a real site live show. It was certainly a special show.

After the apartment fire that happened last year (2023 June), we received help from Asao Christ Church. This particular music venue was located very close to the church. That made this show very meaningful. We met some great musicians there.

We love to play this kind of local small venues. We love to play underground indie shows. If you watch this movie, you can understand why. Because some awesome things are happening.


The band was on fire.
Message was strong.
Our spirit was high.
It was definitely one of the best shows we did last year.

Unfortunately the video quality was not really the best for technical reasons but we hope you enjoy the show nonetheless.


The set list
1: Faith Rider
2: Not Of This World
3: Crucified Boy (磔少年)
4: God Anthem
5: Lord’s Prayer
6: Winning Song
7: Repent
8: Karma Flower


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  1. Jon Lockett

    Thanks so much for giving us the entire show from this venue that to me was very special.I have great memories of the 2 evenings I was there.Good sound and picture quality and different camera angles are in this Video..And a wonderful idea it was to place all of the lyrics and comments up on screen too.What a rockin’ night for Jesus.Keep up the awesome work and God bless.

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