Bandcamp price up


Bandcamp alert! [Price go up soon😱]

We are going to set up our Bandcamp page, which has been untouched since last Summer.
We will restock T-shirts and some CDs. (Now that international shipping situation back to normal!)

That is, because we want to provide our fans with proper goods and services.
We will start spreading the word, we will try to be discovered, heard, and get the message out there.

For that reason, we decided to “double up” the price for our digital albums(!!!??)


If you remember, we have set the price for our albums on Bandcamp at $1. (For digital downloads)

That was because of our “we stopped worrying about money” policy.
However we should also consider the minimal cost, not only for us but also the Bandcamp server, and the prices are going up in our current world.

Also we should consider the price for which buyers feel more comfortable. (Less guilty)

For these reasons, we decided that $2 for an album is the right price.

We still keep our indie band “we don’t care about money” policy, as long as possible.


It’s just a 1 dollar price increase.
But hey, $1 to $2 is a double price.

So we thought it would be nice to give people a notification beforehand.


We will set up our Bandcamp page sometime next month.
We will set the new price sometime after March 10th.

So if you want to download some of our albums, please do it now, because prices are going up just by $1.00!!!πŸ˜‰




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