Best Album finally?


In order to get known and heard by more people, we are considering the release of “The Best Of” album.

Yes, the best album from Imari Tones.
Do you want that?


If you remember, we were planning to release the “Best Of” album back in 2020 and 2021. We remastered the songs and even made an album cover artwork.

However, the plan went on hold. Because the release of the “Nabeshima” album happened sooner than expected.

It was great we could release “Nabeshima” from a record label based in Latvia (Sliptrick Records), but we kind of missed the timing for the best album.

Probably now it’s the right time?


The “Best Of” album contains 16 tracks.
They are mostly from our prolific “Tone, Hassy, Jake” era.
And it also contains some of the songs we recorded in Germany with Sascha Paeth back in 2006. (We have come so far!)

It contains many songs we still play at our live shows. It’s like “Essential Imari Tones” which covers our history and live set altogether.


It will be a digital release.
At this point we are not sure if we make actual CDs, because of the storage and cost. (But hopefully soon?)

We have a long history as an indie band and we have recorded so many songs and albums along the way.

If we release the “Best Of” album, it makes it much easier for people to listen to our songs, even though it’s just a digital release.


And if we make CDs, it certainly will be a collectible item.

What do you think?


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