Suddenly I felt like telling this story of ours.
I wrote this story before in my personal internet diary or MIXI, in Japanese language (That’s the language I usually write).


We are a “trio” band. We have a drummer (Jake), a bassist (Hassy) and I play guitar while at the same time I sing lead.
But sometimes people ask us why. Because usually this type of music requires, at least 4 people in a band. It’s not usual for this Hard Rock type of bands.
Those legendary rock bands, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Living Colour, Loudness (and the list goes on), they were all 4-piece bands. And they all had a great “frontman”. With those “frontmen”, they can put fabulous shows.
But for us Imari Tones, we don’t really have a “frontman”.
It’s not something we wanted from the beginning. When Tak (me) started a band, I didn’t want to sing. Because I’m a guitarist and I never considered myself as a singer. I wanted to play with another singer who can sing and perform as a “frontman”. But I could not find anyone who was right for the job. So I had to sing myself while playing guitar at the same time.
Sometimes I asked God “Jimmy Page had Robert Plant, Eddie Van Halen had David Lee Roth. Why didn’t you give me a singer?”
But after those years, now I think I know the answer.
We don’t need a frontman. Because our frontman is Jesus Christ. Anyone doesn’t really deserve spotlight except for Him. Jesus is the only one who deserves the glory because He is the Son of God. That’s why God didn’t give me a singer.
When a trio band plays nobody stands in the center on the stage. Guitarist in the left, bassist in the right, and drummer in the back. Nothing wrong with that. We put God in the center of the stage. That’s the Rockn’Roll we play.
After I knew the fact, I never get worried about not having a frontman. I started saying “Right. We don’t have a frontman. But we have a FRONTGOD.”
-Tak / Imari Tones
i hope my english is correct

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  1. I just found your blog and your music, and I was so excited to find a Japanese Christian rock band! I can't believe it! I am a Christian, and I lived in Japan for a few years. I love Japan, and want to figure out how to bring glory to Christ and help more people know Him in Japan (and around the world). Anyway, I just started a blog about Christianity in Japan ( Would it be okay to interview you guys sometime? It's just a tiny blog, but I am going to link to some of your music! (you can email me at echoflight At
    May God bless you as you follow him!

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