Overcome video and 3 more day on IndieGoGo


This is Tak from IMARi ToNES, Japanese Christian rock band.
This is a simple and short letter before we go to “The Extreme Tour” later this month.
1. Heroes EP & Overcome video
2. 3 days left for our fundraising
3. The Extreme Tour dates (slightly) changed
We finished recording “Heroes EP”!!
We are going to release it sometime in early 2013, but the special “just recorded” edition is available on our IndieGoGo page….now only for 3 more days! (See below for our IndieGoGo.)
It’s the first record we did on our MacBookPro. (We finally changed our recording system from very-old-version Cubase to LogicPro.)
It’s the first record Tak used Amplitube guitar system.
And let me say, it rocks harder than ever!
We uploaded one song on YouTube and Soundcloud.
A song called “Overcome”.
We are going to play this song during the tour and our upcoming gigs.
So we want you to take a listen!
“Overcome” on YouTube
Our IndieGoGo fundraising, now only 3 more days left!!
Thank you very much for everyone.
It may look like a small amount, however, actually it’s a big help for us!
So let me say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Now 1 more help and we reach $100.
Somebody please!
“Japanese Christian Rock Band to join a Missionary Tour in USA”
We posted the dates before, but there were some change in The Extreme Tour dates
Here is the updated dates.
Aug 24-26 Whidbey Island, WA
Aug 27-28 Salem, OR
Aug 29-30 Gold Beach, OR
Aug 31-Sept 3 (X-Fest) Stevenson, WA
Sept 4-5 Yakima, WA
Sept 6-7 Coeur d’ Alene, ID
Sept 8-9 Moscow, ID
Sept 10-13 Billings, MT
We play “open air” concert in each city.
Detailed time and location is not avaialbe at this point.
The Extreme Tour is a missionary tour event which takes place on the street.
So we only get to know the detail and exact location just a few days prior to the show.
We will post those details on our Facebook and Twitter.
That’s all for today!
Now I’m going to my church and I’m in charge of worship today!
So I have to get ready and go!
(It’s Sunday morning I’m writing this.)
Thank you very much!
Please pray for the success of The Extreme Tour and people working with them!
God bless you all!
Tak / IMARi ToNES (Japan)

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