Should we stop using Spotify? (How we distribute our music)

Here is something we had to do before releasing the new album.

It’s about how we distribute our music, in order to make it available to everyone.
(Even though it’s a bit obvious topic…)


“Should We Stop Using Spotify?”


As an indie band who goes against the commercialism of big industry, we sometimes feel like we don’t want to put our music on major streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Just like any indie band, we are more about changing the system.

On the other hand, we have Bandcamp that is the place where music loving people who support indie music visit. You can buy directly from musicians and musicians actually get money from Bandcamp. A lot of cool bands from all over the world selling their music on Bandcamp.

(Here is our Bandcamp page. )


Sometimes we think about whether we should stop streaming our music via those major digital stores, and start selling our music exclusively on Bandcamp.

However, for a small indie band, it’s also a difficult decision because those Spotify and Apple Music are now industry standard and dominating the world.

Also it’s true there are some kids on the other side of the earth, they can listen to our songs via one of those streaming services such as Deezer. Can we take it away from them?


I think in this modern world, it’s up to the listener, where they get music and whether they pay or not. Probably that is the truth.

So it makes sense if we make our music available on every outlet and let the listener decide. That is probably a realistic idea.


What do you think?
Do you listen to our music (or other bands’ music) on those streaming services?

Do you think we can stop using them and sell exclusively on Bandcamp? (Bandcamp has their streaming option, too.)

Or should we stay on every digital stores available?


I’d like to hear your opinion.
Thank you very much.



  1. David S

    This is a hard question in some ways. As you well know I am a bit old and don’t “do” digital or streaming, so for me personally, bandcamp works well. Obviously though, you need to be able to reach as many people as you can and I know that many people don’t get physical music products any more. The main thing for me, is for you being an indie band, is to get as much of the funds that you can and not be bled of any profit. I know that you already know that there is at least one order of a cd of Overture waiting for when it is available. Some of us are still old school, but it works for me.

    • Tone

      Hi David, thank you for the comment. There are so many ways to listen to music nowadays. I use Spotify sometimes but honestly I feel more comfortable when I buy the real product or at least digital download. That is probably because I listen to those albums repeatedly, again and again in my life. As an indie band, getting our music available everywhere possible probably is the way to go. But I still wonder and yes it’s a hard question. At least I know people like you, yes and thank you, still want physical product and we love it too. (For an indie band in Japan, making vinyl is not a realistic choice, so…) We hope you will like “Overture” album!

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