Rocking Acoustic (26.Oct.2018)

While we are preparing the new line up of the band, here is some acoustic performance by Tone (Tak) at Cafe Ivy, Machida, Tokyo on 26th October 2018.


Song called “Discarded World”



Song called “Overture”



and here is the whole show.



What do you think?
Can I do an acoustic tour maybe?

Since the new lineup of the band is not ready for gigging yet, probably I should play more of these “solo” gigs. I know. I should stop being lazy.

But seriously, 2 years from now I want to be gigging more and play 100 shows a year.
We are getting serious about that and doing all the thing to make it come true.

I was always struggling when I play acoustic.
There are so many styles for playing acoustic.
Also I have plenty of song choices. (More freedom than playing with band)
Most of the songs I write, they are heavy metal songs for rock band arrangements.

But recently I wrote more Japanese songs and they are more of pop tunes rather than metal.
With those songs I feel more comfortable when playing acoustic gigs like this to Japanese audiences.

Of course I will play more English songs when I play outside of Japan, but I just want you to know that I (we) can rock hard with acoustic guitars.

Thank you!


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