Video Upload Week 1


Video editing takes time. I know that for sure.
It was August-September 2012 we took part in The Extreme Tour 2012.
And we finally finished editing movies from that tour and started uploading them to YouTube.
Live performance movies, I’m not sure if people like them or not.
I wonder how other musicians and bands are doing about those videos.
However, we take these live performances seriously in our music career and history.
So we record them as much as possible and upload somewhere on the internet.
It’s not really subscriber friendly. Because some people just prefer listening those free tracks on YouTube and don’t care much about live performance movies.
We know that, too.
We want to upload and share many songs of ours on YouTube or SoundCloud, so that people can listen to them for free. (In a hope of people will like them and buy the album/song.)
So we made some “home made” music videos using those footage from the tour.
Here is the song called “Iron Hammer”.
Iron Hammer is included in the album “Japanese Pop”.
“Japanese Pop” is definitely our “most expensive” album, being produced by German heavy metal legend “Sascha Paeth” (Avantasia, Heavens Gate, producing bands like Kamelot, Edguy, Rhapsody).
It was before we became a Christian band, but “Japanese Pop” is still one of our most popular albums.
And “Iron Hammer” is one of our most popular songs in our live shows.
It’s heavy, it rocks, and easy to play….well, not that easy.
But it’s true it’s one of the easier songs to sing.
We can play that song even when Tak’s voice condition is not good.
That’s why we play that song more often on the tour. Because when on the tour, Tak’s voice condition often gets worse.
Anyway, “Iron Hammer” is still a special song for us.
And finally we made a video for that song.
Please enjoy the song and headbang!!
Also thank you for the show last week at El Puente, Nishi-Yokohama.
It was a blessed gig, even though Tak got a cold and voice was not the best.
We played many new songs. Those songs are heavy, heavy, and heavy! Super hard rocking tunes!
We are a band based in Japan, while our internet activities are for worldwide market. There is some information gap between our Japan life and oversea world, but we are gigging, practicing, and working hard on our music.
We are preparing our new sound for the moment we will “take on the world” (I hope my English is correct).
So let’s keep on rocking together!!
God bless you all!
Tak / Imari Tones

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