Video Upload Week 2


As we are working on plenty of new songs in a rehearsal room and gigging locally in Yokohama, we are uploading those movies from The Extreme Tour last year. (Because, you know, touring in USA is a big thing for a Japanese band. Those movies are important history of us.)
Also we made some song videos for YouTube.
Here is one of them.
What we wanted to do was, to make a video using the photos from the tour.
Because we had so many nice photos taken during the tour.
So we wanted to use those photos in a song video.
So here is a song called “Precious”.
I know couple of months ago we uploaded a quite good live version of this song, but here is an “album version”.
Interesting thing is, we tried to use the photos from all the cities we visited, but when we actually made the video, those photos from just one city were enough to make a single video. 
So those photos used in this video were from Coeur d’Alene ID.
It was a happy gig with awesome people.
I think you can feel the happy vibe of The Extreme Tour.
It’s definitely the coolest Christian missionary tour in the world.
Again, thank you for all the people we met during the tour, and all the other bands we toured together.
(The Lacks, DaMac, Colton&Zara, and The Burn-Ins)
Also, we uploaded some movies from X-Fest, Stevenson WA.
X-Fest was awesome Christian music festival with great faith and spirit.
We were super stoked to play there, and it was one of our best performance during the tour.
(And there we finally figured out some sound problems we had had on the tour. So it was really a blessing for us to play that festival.)
Here is a song called “Karma Flower” (still one of our most popular songs, we guess)
and here is the whole show (if you have some 30 minutes to watch the whole show).
We are going to do this “The Extreme Tour” in Japan, in October this year.
3 bands from USA/Canada are coming to play with us in Japan.
If any church, or any of you, are willing to help us make it happen, like lodging, funding, transportation, or booking shows, please let us know.
We need all kinds of help.
We will visit any part of Japan, if those things are provided.
In Christ,
Tak / Imari Tones

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