How To Change The World With Rock Music


Tak has started a new YouTube channel and a podcast/videocast.

It’s called “How To Change The World With Rock Music”.


It’s funny. Because I mean, who believes that you can change the world with rock music in 2024?

But I’m serious.
It’s about the final destination of Rock’n’roll music.

It’s about indie rock. It’s about freedom. It’s about the message.


Maybe I can teach you how to play guitar. Maybe I can teach you language. Math, history, anything.

But if I can choose just one thing, I will teach you this. How to change the world with music. Even though people may think I’m crazy. Even though I’m just an obscure indie musician.


The podcast/videocast is very simple.
It’s just Tak talking along. No music. No effect. Just him speaking in front of the cross.

It’s in Japanese language. But we tried our best to put English subtitles.

As of March 29th 2024, we have only posted the first episode. But Tak has already filmed all the 16 episodes for the season 1.


It’s a journey about music and faith.
We hope you will stick around.

The legendary podcast that will change the world 200 years later (or something like that).


Please check it out.

“How To Change The World with Rock Music” message series

YouTube channel



I think I’m going to post the each episode here on this website, whenever I have time.


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