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It’s kind of a short notice. We posted it on YouTube and social media pages yesterday. So the short notice became shorter… but I post it here anyway. (As you know, we are busy updating social media pages and we are always slow to update our own website… current status of the internet.)


Hi this is Tak from Imari Tones.

We’ve been busy and
It’s hard to keep up.

We have some interesting things coming up.

Well, firstly we are going to release a new music video soon.
It’s the first one in the long time. And it’s a very special video. It’s a song about anime, it’s a song about an ancient capital city in Europe. And you will see lots of BEARS.


Secondly, we have a live stream event soon.
It’s called Heavy Metal Church vol.2.
If you remember, we did the first event back in October.
It’s our dream to build a heavy metal church in Japan. And this is another step forward towards THAT dream.

It’s a live concert and church service at the same time. A renowned pastor and theologian will give a sermon. And we have a special guest, a legendary Christian death metal band from Brazil, called Antidemon. They are going to play the event, along with us. It’s an honor, and it’s awesome.

This time, the location is not at a church. We do it at a regular music venue. It takes place at El Puente, Yokohama, which is a legendary underground hard core venue. We are very excited to bring Heavy Metal Church Service to a place like this.

The time and date.
March 30th Saturday, 5:30 PM Japan time.
I know it’s kind of short notice.
March 30th Saturday 5:30 PM Japan time, that is, 4:30 AM Saturday in New York, and 8:30 AM Saturday in UTC. Maybe it’s hard to catch for our friends outside of Japan. But yes there will be an archive for you to watch later.

Live stream is on Facebook and YouTube. You can find the links in the description somewhere below. Please check it out.


Heavy Metal Church Vol.2 Exodus (Yokohama, Japan)

YouTube livestream

Facebook livestream

March 30th Saturday 5:30PM JAPAN TIME
(New York time – March 30th Saturday 4:30AM)-(UTC London – March 30th Saturday 8:30AM)




Lastly, I started a new YouTube channel. Aaand Podcast.
It’s called “How To Change The World with Rock Music”.
It sounds stupid, but I’m serious. It’s funny because I’m just talking, alone, and pretty much that’s it. But it’s a very important message and some of you will find it interesting, or even exciting.

Funny thing is I already filmed 16 episodes, that is actually the all episodes for the season one, even though I have only posted the first one yet.

Please check it out. How To Change The World With Rock Music, on YouTube and Spotify Podcast.


“How To Change The World with Rock Music” message series

YouTube channel



And did I tell you that we are planning to tour in the United States in July? We are going to visit Texas, Tennessee, and maybe Ohio. We are currently trying to book shows there. Let me know if you know any place that lets us play.

Thank you very much.
God bless you.




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