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[Photos and announcements]

Here we decided to post all the photos we have for the last year USA tour (The Extreme Tour 2022 West Coast USA).

Because we noticed that we have only posted a few of them last year. It’s never too late to post all the cool pictures and share the wonderful adventure we had with you.

(Ok, due to the system, I will post them later tonight. So this post only includes Shinryu&Scott – Please read the announcement below)

Including some funny selfies, but we met so many people. I wish I had time to caption every photo.

(Looking back, it was an awesome tour. But we have progressed since then. We can do even better shows now😉)


Again thank you very much for the support.
We promise we will tour overseas in the future. Probably we will visit USA again. If possible we want to tour other countries such as Brazil, UK, Germany, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc.

However this year we decided to focus on recording.

We will make a new album.

Awesome new album.
Very fun. Straightforward. Easy to understand. Pure spirit. Full of joy.


However, it doesn’t mean none of Imari Tones’ members will visit a foreign country this year.

Actually Shinryu does.

So here’s an announcement.


Shinryu will visit the USA again in July and take part in The Extreme Tour 2023.

He will join Funky Sunday Party (Scott Edward Jones solo project), a good friends of ours and an awesome Gospel music artist.


Shinryu and Scott became good friends during the tour last year. They became “buddies”. (Maybe because both of them are proficient in martial arts.)

Scott asked Shinryu to help him on the tour. And Shinryu decided to do that. In Japanese we call it “男の友情” (guys’ bonding – something you can always count on)

So we totally think it’s cool. And we think it’s a very good experience for Shinryu.

Most importantly we believe this is God’s guidance. So please pray for Shinryu. So he can wield not only Samurai swords but also God’s Words.

Yes, our Samurai Drummer will visit the USA again!
(It’s going to be Mid-west. Maybe Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.)


Before this journey, Shinryu has to finish recording drum tracks. That’s why he is now practicing very hard.

We will record drum tracks in June.
And Shinryu will fly to the USA in July.

So yes this is the decision we made for this year.

We say sorry to our oversea fans because we don’t tour outside of Japan in 2023.

But so far this year we are gigging and touring in Japan and it’s been very awesome. So you can say we are doing well in Japan.


And we promise.
We will make a very awesome new album.

We are still very confident and proud of our latest album “Nabeshima”.
But at the same time it was difficult to understand for some people because of “multi-genre” and “traditional Japanese” factors.

Next album will be 100% fun hard rock style.
(Please think of our older album such as “Japan Metal Jesus” and “Japanese Pop”.)


So again that was the announcement today.

– Shinryu will visit the USA in July and tour with Funky Sunday Party (as a part of The Extreme Tour).

– Imari Tones will focus on recording a new album for the rest of 2023.

– We played Japan domestic shows for the first half of 2023 and it’s been awesome. There will be fewer shows for the rest of the year because we focus on recording.

– The new album will be awesome, fun, straightforward and full of joy. So you can have high expectations!


Thank you very much!
God bless you and see you soon!
Tak / Imari Tones





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