Yokohama gig blessed!


So yes we had a show in Yokohama.
A show at @silverback_yokohama one of the coolest places in Yokohama.

You may not understand what’s going on from just seeing the pictures, but this is what you see at our live shows.
(New guitar solo move, new pose, new joke and familiar jumps)


Set List May 21st 2023 at Silverback Yokohama
1. Faith Rider
2. Passion
3. Redemption
4. Lord’s Prayer
5. Testimony
6. God Anthem


It was a special show because we had Stands On Sapphires @standsonsapphires , a hard rock band from Canada.


It was also special because we played along with Tokeisou (時啓草) and The Spicky Heads, both Japanese Christian Punk Band (!!!).


And Shumatsu Kizoku (終末貴族), a hard rock cover band, are our very good friends and they were awesome.

The house was packed (well, not all the time but it didn’t matter), everyone was happy, we had awesome time.

Another blessed Rock’n’roll night in Yokohama.


I can’t explain the size of blessing we had.

Do you know how precious this is? Because so many reasons.

(Japanese Christian Metal and Japanese Christian Punk playing together, a super cool band from Canada, precious people, lovely people, favorite place, infinite love!)


Stands On Sapphires were awesome and they are very nice people. (They look good too😉)

Be sure to check them out!


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