Testimony in a music form Live

Japanese Christian Heavy Metal Band Imari Tones live performance at FireFest NW, Stevenson WA, September 4th 2022.


This probably is the Imari Tones everyone wants to see.

Testimony – Live at FireFest NW – September 4th 2022 –
(Finally catching up editing movies…) (Thank you for the movie, Jim😉)


This song “Testimony” is a very important song for us.
It’s like the first song on first album, even though it was not our first album.

But it was the first song our longtime lineup [Tone, Hassy, Jake: 2008-2018] recorded.
The album “Victory In Christ” had the strong, straightforward message of faith, with very fresh inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

It’s a blessing we are still playing this song, with our current lineup [Tone, Marie, Shinryu].


Everytime we play this song, we remember when we first met God. We remember what He did for us. We remember how He changed everything for us.
That’s why this song is called “Testimony”.
It’s a testimony in a music form.
It might be different from what you expect, but it’s an honest confession of our spiritual&musical journey.


So much blessing is here.
This is our message. This is Imari Tones in its best form.
We hope you can feel it.

We will keep playing this song as long as we rock!

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