Imari Tones in Salem OR

Here’s the full movie for the live show we played in Salem OR (The Extreme Tour, 18th September 2022).


We post this because it was a special show.

In the past we have played some “special shows” we will never forget.
Such as Glory Zone Church 2010, Rocketown (The Objective) 2011, X-Fest 2012, Matsubarako Vibration Jam 2015, Sunza Rock Festival 2019,

But this show, [Live at Riverfront Park, Salem Oregon 2022] was one of those special moments.
With no doubt, it’s one of the best shows we did since Shinryu joined the band, with our current band lineup.


On this day we played 2 sets: Daytime show and night time show

And the place we played was awesome. People were awesome. We rocked hard. Most importantly we shouted “Jesus” and His Love loud and clear.

Some kind of magic was happening. I really love the classic hard rock “stoner” vibe seen/heard in this video, especially for the night time show part.


Setlist was:

Daytime show
1: Faith Rider
2: Karma Flower

Nighttime show
1: Passion
2: Not Of This World
3: Truth
4: Lord’s Prayer
5: Repent


We want to say thank you to Scott from Funky Sunday Party for awesome camera work he did for us. (Sometime too awesome!?)

And again we want to say thank you to all the people we met on the tour last year, all the people working for The Extreme Tour, fellow musicians we rocked together with for Jesus, all the people who helped us make this tour happen…

And we want to say thank you to YOU.
Because we really appreciate your help.


Of course we will keep on moving and keep on rocking.

We will play much better shows than this.
This weekend we will play a mini tour and visit Aichi prefecture.
It’s been a long time since we played in that area.
But we are sure we will have yet another unforgettable night(s) there.


So far we have posted 3 shows from the last year The Extreme Tour.
We have more movies from other shows that were equally awesome.
We are wanting to post them when we are not very busy.

But we will make new music and play more shows this year!
We will make another super awesome album!

(Oh by the way, Tak&Marie’s side project Dakeno Kakari‘s 2nd EP will be released soon. Stay tuned.)


Thank you very much.
God bless you!!!


p.s. Here is the movies from 3 shows we posted from The Extreme Tour 2022 so far.



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