Aichi Tour Thank You


At the end of January we did a Aichi mini-tour.

We played 2 shows, in Toyohashi and Nagoya.

It was a short tour but it was a very blessed one.
It was a precious experience for us and it means so much.


Toyohashi was awesome! (Met so many friends)

Nagoya was even more awesome! (The house was packed)


We are a Christian band with a strong message (in Japan!).
We declared Jesus loud and clear yet we had great reactions both in Toyohashi and Nagoya.

We didn’t expect such a warm welcoming.
We rocked hard and we were on fire! (In spite of some minor troubles on stage lol)


Thank you very much for all the people we met there and our fans supporting us!
You people are awesome!😊

God’s hands moving and things are changing in Japan here!✝️

And we did a local TV thing in Toyohashi.
It’s in Japanese language but we are talking about what Christian metal is, and did our signature “Let’s Repent” pose at the end of the video.

You can watch it here!


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