“Jidai” music video


We have posted a new music video.

The song called “Jidai” and its music video featuring our drummer Shinryu in a Samurai outfit.

Shinryu, our drummer, is also a professional martial artist.
In this video he appears as a Samurai who travels through deep woods, seeking strength and spiritual truth.
(Ah, yes, Samurai with shades)

He shows his sword moves as well as his drumming skills.

The highlight of this movie is where Shinryu does his Karate training near a big waterfall, which is nothing but a spectacular sight.


This song “Jidai” has a mysterious mood from ancient Japan.
We like to call it a “Mysterious Ninja Progressive tune”.

The lyrics are about the ephemeral nature of time. Changing nature of existence through time.

Jidai means time, or era in Japanese (時代).
We also meant Jidaigeki (時代劇) which is a word for old Samurai movies.


This song is not a Christian song. It’s more like a progressive song based on Japanese ancient spirit.

Probably this song is standing on the line between Japanese Pagan Metal and Christian Rock.
But that’s one of the themes we worked on “Nabeshima” album.
Because one of the goals we had on Nabeshima was to play Christian music in a context of Japanese traditional culture and spirit.


While this is not the strongest song on “Nabeshima”, it has a unique character and rhythm structure. It is surely one of the musical highlights.

We hope you can feel the mystery and awesomeness.


Video filmed and edited by Shinichi Ohara (aka photoshin)

“Nabeshima”, our latest double album, is available from Sliptrick Records. (CD shipping currently being delayed but soon will be okay)


Funny thing is, we posted this song on our YouTube channel but also the record company (Sliptrick Records) posted on their channel.
And to tell the truth, our drummer Shinryu posted it on his channel, too.
It’s a bit messy but we are happy as long as you enjoy the music.


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