Nabeshima CD update


Update about the CD delivery

Summary: They said the CDs will be delivered no later than November 1st


As you already know, CD shipping of Nabeshima album is being delayed.

Originally, for those who pre-ordered, they were going to be shipped on the release date, which was July 6th 2021.

However, we didn’t receive our CDs.
We asked the record label, Sliptrick Records, in August/September, but their response was slow.


It is not only for our band.
It looks like it’s happening to other bands who released their album from Sliptrick Records this year.

It looks like they had a problem with their CD pressing plant, possibly caused by the pandemic situation.


But we just got an update from Sliptrick Records, saying the CDs will be delivered no later than November 1st.

Now I’m not sure if they will be “delivered” or “shipped” by November 1st, but they said it’s a confirmation and that’s their promised deadline.

So hopefully the wait will be over soon.


We are really sorry for the delay and inconvenience.

But we are in it together.
And we care about our fans.
Music business is uncertain in its nature, but as an indie band we want to treat our fans in the right way.

It’s true the delivery is delayed and this is already unacceptable.
You can contact DeadPulse, which is Sliptrick Records’ official webshop, and request refund if you like.


However, because we want to treat our fans right, we offer something to make our customers happy.

Please contact us with your purchase record (order confirmation email or any proof of CD purchase), and we will give you the digital download of “Nabeshima” album with “some extra stuff”. (Using Bandcamp private download system)

“Extra Stuff”, we are thinking about some tracks we recorded for Patreon, or if you have been already on Patreon, we consider giving you “unmastered raw tracks” of Nabeshima album that have more delicate sound than the finished tracks.

You can email us at mail at
or you can simply message us via social media such as Facebook and Instagram.


Again we are sorry for the delay and inconvenience.
Let’s hope we will have nice and shiny Nabeshima double CDs soon.

Thank you very much for your support!
Tak / Imari Tones


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