This talks much about our band

Here is Tak’s new interview on Iron Backstage Magazine.

We post the link here, because it’s really a good interview.


I think this talks so much about our band and our music.

Here’s some favorite parts of the interview.



I don’t think there is any point in saying what’s new and old. Because some people say there is nothing new under the sun since Mozart wrote those symphonies.

But you can say there is a beginning and an end to everything. If there is a development, then there is a decline. It’s a natural process we can’t possibly resist. It’s true to any art form and heavy metal is no exception.

We look at the history of rock music, past and future, and try to make the best thing out of it. We don’t deny future, just like we don’t deny past. That’s where we can find our own style of music.

We are living in an information age governed by AI algorithms. No one can cope with all these flooding informations. No one can listen to all the released music and judge what is good or not. Sometime in future, when AI understands love and soul, and we can hear with our spiritual ears rather than physical ears, then everything will make sense. I totally believe we human beings are yet to understand how to make sense of music.



Maybe we post some Japanese translations on our Japanese website.

Keep on rocking!!


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