Shinryu’s Fighting Sweets (ep1)


This is a legendary movie posted on Shinryu’s social media sometime earlier.

It was originally for Shinryu’s audience but now we decided to post it on our channel.


Shinryu, our drummer, is a martial artist and Karate teacher.
But if you look at his Instagram, you can see he loves sweets.
Not about eating sweets but making sweets.
He has so much passion about making sweets that taste good.

So we made this “How To Make” movie.
It was in July Summertime and he made Matcha Jelly.

It was for Japanese audience and we did it all in Japanese.
We didn’t have time for subtitles.

Regardless, we post it here.

So here it is.
“Shinryu’s Fighting Sweets”
Episode 1
How To Make Matcha Jelly


Our personal favorite part is where he suddenly talks about Descartes (French philosopher) while whipping cream. That was basically a parody of good old Saturday Night Live (Wayne’s World) gag.

Have fun.


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