“Who Are You” music video is sweet


We have posted yet another music video.

While we have worked with our friend & videographer Mr.Photoshin for our recent videos, this time we did it DIY way, just by ourselves.
It’s more of a home made music video, like we did in the past. (And we are proud of it!)

Our drummer Shinryu is not only a martial artist (Karate & Aiki teacher) but also a Pastry Chef. If you check his Instagram, you will know what I mean.

He makes all those pretty looking sweets all the time! (Even though he does not eat them often, because he needs to be in shape to fight)

Back in summer we did a video session, in which Shinryu made “Matcha Jelly”. We used that footage to make this music video.

The song is called “Who Are You”. A soft rock style worship song from “Nabeshima” album.
It’s a song about praising God in our daily life. It’s a song about being thankful with our life and all the blessings.


It has my favorite line of lyrics that goes like this,

“When I go online I see the world has now become liars’ heaven
Am I going to be famous for 5 minutes or will I just fade away, fade away…”


Check it out!!


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