CDs shipped!


We have to give you an update for Nabeshima CDs.

As you know, “Nabeshima” CD shipping has been delayed.
This is happening to all the bands who released their album from Sliptrick Records this year and it was because they had some issue in their CD pressing plant. (At least that’s what I heard)


But fortunately now we got an update from the record company.

For customers in EU region: Shipped in late November (from Italy) – So they have arrived already?

For customers outside of EU: Your CD was shipped in earlier December (around December 7-8) from Latvia – So they will arrive soon (or already have arrived if you are lucky?)

The record company webshop (Dead Pulse) has sent notification emails to the customers. So we hope you are receiving updates from them all this while.


We are waiting for our package too (bunch of CDs …because we are an artist). But our package has stayed more than 10 days at Latvian border. It finally left Latvian airport today.
As you might expect, it looks like it will take time to arrive under the pandemic situation.

Let us know, if you have received the CD!!
That will make us very happy!!


Again we are sorry for the delay.
But this is record company’s issue and there is virtually nothing we can do about it. Also please understand this was (at least partly) caused by the pandemic situation.

As we posted earlier, for our fans who ordered the Nabeshima CD, we offer “some extra download” to compensate the delay. Please contact us with order confirmation email copy (anything that proves the purchase).

Thank you very much for your patience.
We are very confident and proud of this album.
We are confident this album “Nabeshima” is the most important thing we have ever made.

Thank you very much for your support!
God bless you all!!


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