“Stars On The Horizon” teaser


As you already know, we are recording new songs every month, on Patreon.

This month, it’s a song I wrote when I was a teenager.
It’s one of the songs I wrote when I was 17. The song was still in my head, so I wrote English lyrics and put them together.

And it is very good.
Is this really Patreon only?
Should we release this song officially because it’s very good?
Maybe we should someday.
But at this point, it’s Patreon exclusive.

So please consider supporting us on Patreon.
We are very thankful for our Patrons, but we need a little bit more support to keep going.

Here is the song teaser.
It’s called “Stars On The Horizon”.
You can hear the whole song on our Patreon page.

Thank you very much.
God bless you all.

Please support us on Patreon!


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