Monthly Song October 2020


This is a short teaser movie for our Patreon Monthly Song for October 2020.

This month we/I were working on “Acoustic EP” and it took time but we posted the song on our Patreon page.

We are trying out different styles for each month, but this time it’s more of a straightforward hard rock. It’s 1980’s style hard rock, so it is more of our style.

I tried to write something like Bon Jovi. In the verse part it sounds more like Bon Jovi but on the chorus part it’s more like, I don’t know, Journey or something? (Though my singing vibrato is a bit of Japanese Enka style, haha.)


As usual, we made a quick movie that accompanies the music and posted on the internet. We have some mixed feeling about these quick movies and monthly songs. We already posted about it on our social media. I will post it here in my next entry.

But funny thing is, Marie looks like Ozzy Osbourne in this movie.
I thought it would be funny if Marie plays a singer in the video, even though I am singing actually. But when she was dressed in leather and wearing sunglasses, she just looked like Ozzy. It was awesome.

Just like I posted (will post here soon), I have a mixed feeling about Patreon Monthly Songs. But all in all, I’m very proud of what we are making. It might not be as good as Imari Tones’ official albums. But I think this song is quite good.


You can hear the song on our Patreon page.

As little as $3 monthly, you can hear new song each month.
We appreciate your support and we need your support.

So please consider supporting us on Patreon.


Thank you very much!!


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