Monthly Song September 2020

Here’s a teaser video for our September 2020 Patreon monthly song.

This song is called “Silently”.
The lyrics are loosely based on Psalms 62&63, just because I looked up for some good words.


It’s a synth driven song with some early 1980’s vibe. I tried to make it sound like soft rock / yacht rock / AOR in that time.

It’s funny because my voice somewhat sound like “genderless” kind of character.
Now I’m working on some “new project” that is not heavy metal. In that project this particular voice character of mine would be a merit. So this was a test, for that matter. But still, I feel kind of shy and have this somewhat embarrassed feeling. That makes me think about gender issue, voice, art and expression. I mean, I was born with this voice. I’m just singing and trying to sound like me.


If I’m allowed to make one more excuse, the video, even this shorter teaser video is a bit of embarrassment to me. At first I was not going to use the movie. I was thinking about using a visualizer (because I’ve never tried it), but it didn’t work. So I had to use the video footage of singing the very first take just to see how the song goes. I look very funny in the movie.


That said, I think this song is actually good and have a certain magic to it. It has a message of hope and prayer and I hope that message touches you.
I’m happy and proud that we can offer some good fresh music every month on Patreon.

You can hear the whole song on our Patreon page, for as little as $3/month.

We appreciate your support, so that we can keep making music.


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