Beautiful World Beautiful Colors


We don’t necessarily believe in social media dominated world but we believe in good spirit in people, because….Holy Spirit! (Hope you have/had a blessed Pentecost Sunday, even though many of us are doing churches online now…)
That’s why we make a statement to raise our spirit.


What’s your favorite color, baby? (by Living Colour)
There are so many colors in this beautiful world!

If you listen to our music, it’s easy to tell we are influenced by Living Colour, as well as Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix.

Those musicians are/were “colored”.
Rock’n’Roll was born from mix culture.
The Godmother of Rock’n’Roll was a black woman. (Sister Rosetta Tharpe)


We are a Japanese metal band.
We are all “Colored”, because everyone has his/her own color.
We need diversity in this world.

Being different is beautiful.
This world is awesome because everyone is different.
We are a Christian metal band from Japan. We have chosen a different path than other bands from Japan because of faith.
We are proud of that. Proud of Jesus and we believe in Him.


As a Japanese band playing to the world, we hope the world without racism and discrimination.

Because salvation of Jesus is for everyone, no matter who you are and where you are from.


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