We remixed 2 albums!

Hello from Imari Tones!

We would like inform you that 2 of our albums “Heterogeneous Species” (異能レース) and “Reluctant Savior” (無責任なメシア) are now “Re-Built”, “Re-Mixed” and available on BandCamp and iTunes. They soon will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital outlets.

“Heterogeneous Species” on iTunes

“Reluctant Savior” on iTunes

Here is the story behind the works.
It’s already a long time ago, but in the year 2005 Tak recorded so much music, so many songs. When we see the history of this band, after finished making “Hero of the Light” (光のヒーロー) album in early 2005, our band basically “broke up”. Our then-drummer quit the band and we were not able to play shows. We had to wait until 2006 to start again as a band and (somehow) fly to Germany to record an album with a famous producer. (That is the album called “Japanese Pop”, still one of the most popular albums of ours.)

That was why Tak (me) focused on recording. That was because, I had so much idea back then. I thought it was a good opportunity and timing to record all those songs and try all the things in the studio.

To my surprise today, me back in 2005 was very productive and hard working. As a result, I recorded 4 albums, almost by myself (with some help from friends), playing all the instruments including drums.

One should note that many of those songs we (I mean, mostly me) recorded for these 4 albums were the songs I had written in my teenage days. They are, even though technically not perfect, fresh and straightforward with so much energy.

So these 4 albums are very important to me, as a musician, both music wise and message wise. The titles of the albums I recorded mostly by myself in 2005 are: “Heterogeneous Species” (異能レース), “Reluctant Savior” (無責任なメシア), “Color of Hers”, and “fireworks”.

Although I have been basically happy with the result of this rapid recording work, over the time I have begun to think there was a possibility to make them better, especially for 2 of them “Heterogeneous” and “Savior”.

We recorded our latest album “Revive The World” in 2014 and last year (2015) we had no homework to do, other than slow rehearsals for next album (which we are recording RIGHT NOW). So I decided it was a good timing/opportunity to try “ReMix” of these 2 albums. Well, it took 10 years, after all. Did I grow up a bit?

We, again in this case, mostly me, re-recorded some bass tracks and guitar tracks (40% of bass tracks and 20% percent of guitar tracks, I should say), and actually vocal tracks for 2 songs (“Tooi Natsu No Komoriuta” and “Nami” to be exact), and did the re-mix for whole 2 albums.

The result is here, “ReBuilt” version of these 2 albums, now on our BandCamp page and all those digital stores.
The result surpassed my expectation and I should say I’m very happy. Even though they are basically recorded 10 years ago, you can totally say they are “NEW” albums from Imari Tones.

You should notice they the albums we made BEFORE we became a Christian band and all the songs are sung in Japanese language. Also musical style is in more of J-Rock, J-Pop context.

Even though those albums mean so much to us, we are not sure if you are interested in our “J-Pop / J-Rock” works. But we very much hope you will like it. Because we believe they are still unique and awesome music that makes you smile!

So Here’s the link to our BandCamp page.

You notice we have made so many albums, right?
This time we have “ReBuilt” 2 of them. So please check them out!

Also, not taking advantage of this opportunity but, let me give you a small (a little) sad news today.
We were planning to visit Nashville TN (USA) in May this year, but we decided we are not doing it. It is a highly strategic decision for The Extreme Tour Japan, as well as for musical reasons such as to focus on recording. It was basically supposed to be a short visit. So we promise when we visit USA next time we will do a “bigger” tour, to see as many people as possible.

Also, here is some videos to share, which we have posted on YouTube recently.

That’s all for today.

God bless you all!
Love from Japan
Tak a.k.a. Tone / Imari Tones


今日は、僕らのアルバムのうち”異能レース”と”無責任なメシア”の2枚について、「リビルド」「リミックス」の作業が完了し、BandCampやiTunesにて入手可能になったことをお伝えします。SpotifyやApple Musicなどにおいても間もなく配信されるはずです。
もう昔のことになりますが、2005年にToneはたくさんの音楽を録音しました。このバンドの歴史を見ると、2005年の初頭に「光のヒーロー」の録音制作を完了した後に、このバンドは基本的に解散状態にありました。当時のドラマーがバンドを離れ、僕たちはライブをすることが出来ませんでした。僕たちがバンドとして再始動し、そしてなぜだかドイツまで飛んで有名なプロデューサーとアルバムを作ることになるまで(それは”Japanese Pop”というアルバムです)、それは2006年まで待たなくてはいけませんでした。
音楽の面でもメッセージの面でも、これらの4枚の作品は私にとってミュージシャンとして重要な意味を持つものであり、誇りに思っています。この4枚のタイトルは「異能レース」(Heterogeneous Species)、「無責任なメシア」(Reluctant Savior)、「Color of Hers」、「fireworks」です。
僕たちは2014年に現時点での最新のアルバム「Revive The World」のレコーディング作業を行いました。ですので昨年2015年には、次のアルバムのためのリハーサルを行うのみで、スケジュール的には余力がありました。(今現在、まさにその「次のアルバム」のレコーディングを行っていますが)
作業の結果は、僕の期待を越えたものになり、結果にとても満足しています。それらは10年前に録音された作品ですが、Imari Tonesのニューアルバムと言っても差し支えないくらいのものになっています。
僕らは5月に、アメリカのテネシー州ナッシュビルを訪問することを計画していました。けれども、僕たちはそこへ行かないことを決断しました。これは、The Extreme Tour Japanについての戦略的な判断であり、また僕らの音楽についての音楽的な判断でもあります。レコーディングや、次の作品への制作に集中したいからです。もともと、これはほんの短い滞在になる予定でした。なので、次にアメリカを訪れるときには、なるべくたくさんの人たちに会いにいけるよう、大きなツアーにすることをお約束します。
TakまたはTone / 伊万里音色



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