Gig notification July 2016

July gig notification! (English below)

We are in the midst of recording work of “Jesus Wind” the concept album, but we are going to play some gigs next month!
(Also I just noticed that we haven’t post our gig information very often on this blog, that is not a good thing. So I do it today!)


7月10日(日) 横浜関内ベイジャングル

7月30日(土) 福生チキンシャック
電車で行けるアメリカ、日本のオースティンこと福生、そして伝説的なライブハウスチキンシャック。Imari Tonesとして初上陸です。一応僕らはこう見えても国際的に活躍してるバンド(のはず)なので、場所に合わせてアメリカナイズドされた世界基準のロックをぶつけます(予定)!!

7月5日(火) 横浜寿町 音小屋(ねこや)

July 10th Sun at Bay Jungle (Yokohama)
Imari Tones plays an opening slot (sort of) for EIMS, a teenage girls Christian rock band. It’s our honor to support this new younger generation of Jesus Rockers! This is going to be epic!

July 30th Sat at Chicken Shack (Fussa, Tokyo)
Imari Tones plays this legendary Fussa venue for the first time. Fussa is a town that looks a bit like Austin Texas, where there are bunch of cool venues and music stores (probably because US military base is there). We are excited to play this cool place!

Also Tak makes a guest appearance at Ishikawa Yona’s show at Necoya, on July 5th Tuesday. Ishikawa Yona is a Yokohama native Christian blues singer. She rocks! Watch Tak plays some bluesy guitar along with her. (Hopefully we can post some videos later…)

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