A political song with no word??

Hello this is Tak, a.k.a. Tone, from Imari Tones.
While we have been busy with so many things such as recording, songwriting, making demos, and planning gigs with our friends from Calling Records, here is a little update.

We have basically completed the making of “Jesus Wind”, a concept album about Japanese history from a Christian viewpoint. It sounds great and we are sure it will be our best album ever.
Even though we expect its release will be sometime next year (if things go well), we decided to post just 1 track from the album on YouTube.

It is an instrumental track. Just an electric guitar.
It is a song called “This is How Freedom Dies”.

While the album has its storyline and this song has its position in the whole album, we wanted to release this song immediately. Because this song has some “political” message.
We wanted to release the message now, at this point of time.

It is actually funny when we say it has a political message, because it’s an instrumental tune. I mean, a political song with no word?
But I think the music speaks for itself.

Sure it is titled “This is How Freedom Dies” and it is true we were inspired by what was going on in this world. But I’m not talking about being left or right. (If you think the title suggests somewhat “right”, let me tell you in Japan being Christian usually means more of being “liberal”. So you can see that faith and political position are different things.) I’m a Japanese-Christian-Metalhead-Skateboarder. So when we say “political message”, it probably will be different from any of those political stereotypes.
We simply play music for freedom for human souls.

Maybe I talked too much.
It’s just an instrumental tune, and it is just a simple movie with cute toy cats. (=’^x^’=)
But we hope you enjoy and feel something in the music.



Thank you very much!
God bless you all!
Tak / Imari Tones

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