XTJ2016 and Shinjuku Movie

Next month October, we will go on “The Extreme Tour Japan” with our friends.
It’s 4th year for XTJ. 
When we started this in Japan we didn’t think it was possible to do this “Christian Music Tour” in Japan. We had virtually no help from anyone. 
We can’t believe now we have “many” (well not so many but it’s MANY for us) friends and fellow Christian Rockers working together for this. (As you know, we have launched “Calling Records” together.)
Today we posted this video on YouTube. It’s one of the gigs we did last year with XTJ. It was not our “best” performance but it was surely one of the most “blessed” gigs we have ever played. Yes it’s a small gig in a small venue, but as you can see it was INTENSE.
We hope you can feel the PASSION. We hope you can feel the HEAT and FAITH that is burning in this still small Japanese Christian Rock scene.
Thank you very much for all the friends and all the fellow Christian Rockers in Japan, and of course all over the world.
Jesus Rocks!! 
Tone / Imari Tones



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