“Best Of” Preorder On


We’re going to release “The Best Of” album. (Did you know?)

And the Pre-order is already on!!!


The official release date for the album is June 21st. (Spotify, Apple Music, etc)
But we will release it a week earlier on Bandcamp.

(The CDs will start shipping on June 17th)


So please join, make a pre-order. We will sign the CD. (You can choose)


Because this “Best Of” CD is something special!

Also, we need your support for our upcoming “USA South Tour” in July (Texas and more – Check the previous post for the dates).

Your purchase and support means so much to us!



All songs remastered + 1 new songπŸ˜‡

Order it from here!


Streaming Digital Store Pre-save/Pre-order



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