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Here’s our Press Release about our Best Album and USA Tour!!

To be fair, I don’t know what exactly “press release” is, and I don’t know when we are supposed to release it. But it says “May 6th”, so maybe I can post it now!




For Immediate Release
Contact: Tak Nakamine

Date: May 6, 2024

Imari Tones, a heavy metal ensemble hailing from Japan, is poised to release their upcoming “best of” compilation album entitled “That Christian Metal Band From Japan – The Best of Imari Tones” on June 21st, 2024.

Recognized as the pioneering Christian metal outfit in Japan, a nation predominantly steeped in Buddhism, Imari Tones traces its inception back to 2004. Undergoing a transformative journey in 2008, the band transitioned into a Christian-oriented musical entity, dedicating their craft to the veneration of Jesus Christ. Since then, Imari Tones has garnered international acclaim, melding Japanese cultural motifs, Christian ethos, and the intensity of metal music into a captivating sonic tapestry.

Despite the nominal Christian presence in Japan, estimated at a mere 1% of the populace, Imari Tones stands out as a singular cultural and musical entity, boasting a devoted global following. Despite having collaborated with esteemed producers in the past, the band has predominantly pursued an independent trajectory in their music production endeavors.

While they may not have attained the mainstream success synonymous with secular metal acts, Imari Tones’ decision to release a “Best Of” album underscores their commitment to providing aficionados with a curated selection of their most exemplary compositions. This release serves as both an enticement for prospective listeners and a cherished collectible for long-standing fans.

The compilation draws upon material from their earlier albums, including contributions from Sascha Paeth, a distinguished German heavy metal producer, as well as tracks from “Victory In Christ,” their inaugural Christian-themed album, and “Jesus Wind,” a conceptual opus delving into Japanese Christian history. Notably, the album also features a new composition titled “Words of Grace,” borne out of a collaborative effort between the band and a fervent Imari Tones enthusiast who also happens to be a Christian YouTuber.

Imari Tones’ musical style channels the classic, unembellished essence of heavy metal reminiscent of 1980s bands. However, discerning listeners will detect additional influences spanning progressive rock, alternative rock, and Japanese pop music, which collectively imbue the band’s sound with an unmistakable uniqueness transcending conventional metal paradigms.

Concurrent with the album launch, Imari Tones is embarking on their sixth tour of the United States, representing a significant milestone in their international touring endeavors. While the tour is characterized by its modest scale as an independent venture, it promises to elicit fervent anticipation among fans in the select states slated for visitation. Notably, the band’s itinerary encompasses the Southern region, with particular emphasis on Texas, a locale imbued with personal significance for members Tak and Marie, where their Christian musical odyssey commenced with their baptism.

The scheduling of shows is presently underway, with certain dates subject to potential revisions and additional performances expected to be included. Nonetheless, the following dates constitute the itinerary for the tour thus far.


July 5th Houston TX – Super Happy Fun Land
July 7th Dallas TX – ICC Dallas (Church service/worship)
July 12th San Antonio TX – Fitzgerald
July 14th Chattanooga TN – Revive Church (Church concert)
July 17/18th Bowling Green OH [AND/OR] Erie PA – (To be announced)


“That Christian Metal Band From Japan – The Best of Imari Tones”
Track List
1: Faith Rider
2: Karma Flower
3: Jee-You
4: Jesus Train
5: Love Is
6: Unlimit
7: Testimony
8: Dying Prophet
9: Skies Of Tokyo
10: Living Water
11: Repent
12: Unknown Road
13: Heroes
14: Born To Ride
15: He’s Still With Us
16: Words Of Grace

* The album was released by Imari Tones’ independent record label, Kitchen Knife Records.


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