Merry Christmas 2022


Merry Christmas from Imari Tones, Japan!
Have a blessed Christmas and holiday season 🙂

We are rocking here in Japan. (Marie&Tone in Yokohama, Shinryu in the West part of Tokyo)

This year 2022 was a very blessed year for us.
So many things we are thankful for.
So many things to share.

Such as “To Rome” EP, USA Tour (The Extreme Tour 2022), music videos, and so many blessed live concerts.

Thank you very much for your support!

And we thank you Jesus!
For Christmas Jesus is the reason and He is the hero and the savior!
Thank you Jesus for Christmas!
Thank you for coming to the earth to save us all!
It’s the season we all can be thankful.


Thank you very much for the live streaming show we did on December 23/24.

We felt you love and support on each platform, Facebook/YouTube/Instagram.
It’s really encouraging and we feel your love!
It’s really precious and your support really matters!
Thank you very much!



Live Stream Show recap:

If you missed the live stream you can watch the archive here.



After the release of “Nabeshima” album we started playing live stream shows time to time. (Because we could not really play live shows because of the pandemic 2020-2021.)
I think this is our 4th time trying this kind of live stream show on the internet.

This time I think we did a top notch performance and we shared Love of God with people.
It’s so precious to have time together with you.
Because it’s a miracle we are here and communicate with you.
Our band Imari Tones is a kind of a miracle because we are playing Christian Metal in Japan.
But sharing the message and spending time together with you people, that is the very very miracle.
It means so much and thank you very much.

Thank you to all of you for making comments and messages and hanging out with us, spending time together with us.
We try to reply your comments. One thing is on Instagram live comments are all gone because they don’t save comments for live streaming on Instagram. But we feel your love and we are glad you enjoyed our show.


I was kicking myself during the whole show because I forgot to bring my “Jesus Loves You” skateboard. Thus we could not do the “Jesus Loves You” skateboard message part of the show.
Instead we did our signature “Repenting Pose” performance, which is we say “Now here this and repent!” and play the song called Repent.

But even without the skateboard sign, we tried our best to carry out the message that is “Jesus Loves You”, “You are so precious in God’s eyes”, and “You belong to heaven if you believe in Jesus”.

Our speech in English language is still awkward. But I hope music speaks for itself with our message.
We used better microphones for YouTube and sound balance was much better this time.

We are confident we could bring our very best and we hope you enjoyed it.


Live Streaming Pop Song Night Because Christmas

Shinryu’s sword performance
1. Faith Rider
2. Karma Flower
3. Precious
4. Not Of This World
Tak’s improvisational worship song
5. Crucified Boy
6. Love Is To Do Something No One Dares To Do
7. Testimony
Imari Tones’ “Repenting Pose” Performance
8. Repent


At this point we are not sure if we will do live stream shows next year but if God’s willing maybe we will do it again sometime.

We are planning to play some domestic tour and shows in Japan in 2023. And we are planning to record a new album.
Also we are planning to release some new music from our side projects.


We will keep on rocking.
Rocking for Jesus.
Because He is the Rock and He is the Lord.

Again thank you very much!
and we hope you have a blessed Christmas season and have a very happy new year!


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